Illustration Spotlight: My Childhood Home

I share my love for venue illustrations on a regular basis. You can read an entire article about them here. However, this particular illustration holds a very special place in my heart. This is my childhood home.

Custom artwork can be created to your specifications. This illustration of my childhood home holds a special place in my heart and my custom portfolio. | Custom wedding invitations by Little Fox Paperie | Chicago, Illinois | Gracie Nunez

Not only is it my childhood home, but it is the only house I lived in before moving to Chicago besides my time in Auburn for college. It will always be home to me.

My mom’s birthday is in July, and I made the decision months ago that I would create an illustration of our home to give to her as birthday present. It was a huge hit!

If you are interested in a custom commission of your childhood home or would like to gift one to someone you love, learn more by visiting the custom artwork page.

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xo, Gracie