Save the Date Wording

Part 4: Save the Date Wording Save the dates have become an expectation in the world of wedding planning. Therefore, it's important to make sure you've included all the proper information in your save the date [...]

Detail Card Wording

Part 3: Detail Card Wording One of the questions I get asked by my brides is, "Why would we need a detail card?" In the third part of this four-part series, I'm covering detail card wording [...]

RSVP Card Wording

Part 2: RSVP Card Wording In the second part of this four-part wording series I'm covering the important aspects of RSVP card wording. You can find the other parts below! Wedding Invitation Wording Detail Card Wording Save [...]

Wedding Invitation Wording

Part 1: Wedding Invitation Wording I recently talked about the importance of wedding etiquette, but now I want to give you the tools to apply this to your own wedding. Throughout this four-part series, you will learn [...]

Wedding Etiquette: Outdated or Timeless?

Wedding Etiquette: Outdated or Timeless? Wedding trends are a constant topic with wedding vendors. As each new year rolls in, we predict which trends are going to pop up and which will be left behind. Has [...]